On the high seas, the bluefin is being hunted into extinction. The battle to save the bluefin tuna from extinction is beginning to resemble the whaling wars of the past several decades. An interesting article in the New York Times Magazine by Paul Greenberg details the recent attempts to get the bluefin listed by CITES and the suggestions by environmental groups on alternative ways to protect the bluefin. Greenpeace is calling for a radical realignment of the high seas, to take stewardship awayfrom regional fisheries-management organizations and establish 40 percent of the world’s ocean territory as a marine reserve, a kind of Antarctica-style agreement with shades of whale, where nations, instead of bargaining over quotas, would simply not be able to do any fishing at all in large areas of the oceans. Most other environmental organizations are behind the marine-reserve idea, but they vary in opinion on how big those reserves should be. The Blue Ocean Institute calls for a five-year moratorium on Atlantic  bluefin fishing  everywhere. The WWF proposes that the industrial fishing methods that spread during the Age of Tuna-the drift nets, long lines, purse seines and spotter planes be done away with. In their view, the artisanal single-hook-and-line fishing practices of old are the only way to sustainably hunt big and naturally scarce predators like bluefin.


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